17 September 2013

16th & 17th Sept. Update

The past few days have been involving more optimisations.

I first want to talk about a comment I got on my picture I posted:
"Looks exactly like Terraria, especially that flower."

Obviously you haven't played Terraria before because my game looks nothing alike. I'm trying my hardest NOT to make my game look and act like Terraria. The end result of my game WILL be different to Terraria, it will. My game is at the stage where it could be anything!
My game is like a stem-cell, waiting to be turned into something else. Just an engine, waiting for a chassis. A brain waiting for a body.

But enough of ranting,
I would just like to say; thank you for the positive feedback on my game :) I'm so glad some of you are keen beans to play my game, but it really isn't even CLOSE to being finished ;D

Catch ya on the flip-side,

-Seth out


  1. I don't mean to come across as overly negative here, so please hear me out.

    You do realize that people are saying it's like Terraria because so far it's like Terraria, right?

    The rotated-pixel-arms art style, the shading, the flower, the health in the upper right, the "sandbox" nature of the game, the style of the rocks... everything just screams "Terraria clone" to me.

    Your phrase "I'm trying my hardest NOT to make my game look and act like Terraria" just tells me that you're making a Terraria clone, but really don't want to make a Terraria clone, but you can't think of anything else, just because you love Terraria so much. I know because I do the same when I play one game too much. Overall, it's fine, but it all depends on what original direction you take the game (And when I say original, I mean drastically original, as in really think about where you're going with the game before you continue too far down this Terraria-clone path).

    I would heartily recommend watching Tom Francis' latest video: http://www.gdcvault.com/play/1019349/How-Reviewing-Games-for-Nine In it, he talks about figuring out what excites you about a game, but implementing it in an original way that really cuts to the chase of what you like about the other game, rather than cloning the game itself. His game Gunpoint is based pretty heavily off a concept from Deus Ex that inspired him, but the final product ended up drastically different.

    Best of luck! I will say that from what I've seen of your projects in the past, you've got an amazing talent for pixel art and 2D animation.


    1. That video was very inspirational :)
      I'll do what he said and I'll figure out something :D

      thanks man c: