30 October 2013

A short exploration on a planet in NIKRA (photo album)

 This is the main menu when you first open NIKRA

 When the mouse moves over the the 'SINGLEPLAYER' button, the sun pops out from behind the planet.

 "Hm, I've appeared on a planet with a strange black cube behind me... I better explore!"

 Tall grass forest

A hill with a singular tree on top.

What's this?!

Oh cool! a hut! and a chest!

I wonder what's inside?

A twig, some coins, and a few pine-wood planks... hm... I'll keep on looking...

I found another hut! this loot is pretty good!

Wow! 2 iron bars, iron ore, and a coin bag!

Thanks guys for looking! Tell me what you think in the comments below:

See you guys on the flip-side,

29 October 2013

The loot of NIKRA

In NIKRA, there are civilisations with buildings and generated houses. Occasionally there are chests (and such containers). These chests contain loot that can span from a single lump of coal, to a chest full of weaponry and gold.

I was watching a video about game development and how to motivate yourself and how to improve your game and well, I realised that the reason why I LOVE Skyrim, minecraft, Terraria, is because of the sheer amount of variety in items and loot you can get (Terraria probably takes it to the next level with surreal items). I felt as if this would be a perfect thing to do in NIKRA, but improve the idea to its maximum potential.

NIKRA contains chests and such containers that can be just a box, a chest, a locked chest, a safe, a container, or even a welded shut metal chest (there are much more). These containers' loot depends on the type of container it is. An average chest could just have clothes, whereas a locked chest could have coinage or jewels.

The whole idea of "the best way loot could ever be put in a game" is still a work in progress and could probably delay my estimated Alpha release date :/ but no matter! It will be done :)

Anyways, see you guys on the flip-side,

27 October 2013

26th Oct. Update

Objects, objects, objects.

I've been adding in objects to Nikra. Things like doors and chests.

That's about it really :/
Progress is slow, and I have a lot of essays coming up so I have to spend a lot of time studying.

I'm also writing a book :) it's about Tae and Sera in Nikra. And their adventures.

Anyway, catch you guys on the flip-side,

22 October 2013

500 views! Thank you guys!


I can't believe it :D

I'm trying my very hardest to get this game into Alpha. Soon (before New Years?) I'll be putting up a post about pre-pre-orders (the order before the pre-order), and you can put in your Username and Email, and when the pre-order comes out; you'll be notified.

You guys are awesome!

Catch you on the flip-side,

16 October 2013

16th Oct. Update

Been a while yeah? Sorry I haven't been able to update the blog lately. I've been very busy with studying and game development.

The main few differences from the previous update would be the main menu and the inventory. I have been trying to get crafting to work and I am trying to make it not like minecraft (which seems to be my main concern at the moment) it has a tab that you can click where you can drop items into. You can click and drag items around to join/use/tinker with other items.

The main menu looks like this at the moment:

What do you think?

anyway, I'll see you guess on the flip-side,

1 October 2013

1st Oct. Update


Finally, after almost a week of designing, optimising, fixing, tweaking, and programming; I can start on the story :D
Program wise: This involves working from the bottom up. Things like; the placement of the Iiem Totems, the great Boldemo at spawn, and various structures involving the protection of the Iiem Totems. I have already finished the design and placement of the Boldemo (I may have to move it up one block because sometimes it fuses into the ground), and today I'm going to work on the placement of the Iiem Totems and how they connect to the Boldemo.
I don't have much to do left on the main structure of Nikra, but the final things are quite large so, yeah.

I've been trying to update this blog as much as possible but, that's not that easy when life is busy full of exams, games, and Driver's Licence Tests :/

Catch you guys on the flip-side,