3 November 2013

3rd Nov. Update

A basic (yet fully funtional) physics engine for particles and objects has been implemented. This physics engine I designed along time ago and hasn't failed me yet!

Lots of objects and still running at solid 60fps!

Until next time!

edit: I just did a quick stress-test to see how many objects I can have at one time:
^That's around 500 objects and it only JUST went down to 59fps ;)


  1. Either you have a very good pc or your engine is pretty solid XD

    1. My PC is relatively good, but the physics engine I made is pretty amazing if I do say so myself.
      But please note that it's ALMOST a physics engine. Since the objects are only going to be squares, I didn't need to have weighted sides to make it fall off the edge for example. It's hard to explain :P