9 November 2013

Quick Update!

Hey guys! Been a while :P
Sorry for the inactivity on my blog/Facebook, I've been very very busy with studying and preparations for my end of year exams coming up.

But, I did manage to have a small period where I could work on NIKRA, this is what I accomplished:
- Rewrote the parallax code, and tweaked things. While adding in a few more layers.
- Made the clouds in the horizon move slowly.
- Tweaked terrain generation, fixing trees and various sea related bugs.
- Added in a (very) basic physics engine
- Added 'block 32', which is a "feature block". This is a block that you can break easily and pickup what it drops. In this case, it can be pumpkins, flint ore, a stick, flax, carrots, turnips, etc.
- Numerous other bug fixes.

I'll try to update when I have the time :) thanks for waiting!

-ENDESGA Studios


  1. Where do I get this game?

  2. This is a development blog :) NIKRA is still being made and is far from beta.
    Check back here for any updates :)

    -ENDESGA Studios

  3. I must say that it already looks nice, judging by last group of pictures :).

  4. Thanks! Much appreciated :D
    And also, NIKRA at the moment is pretty bare. There are SO many things that are going to be added, including a full-on story, Arena Mode with Infinite Monsters to test your skill, 48 hard-coded planets and 200+ randomly generated ones, character customization, and so much more!
    I cant wait to show everyone the Galaxy I've been designing, writing, coding, and imagining for almost 3 years :)
    Thanks again,
    -ENDESGA Studios