1 February 2014

1st Feb. Update ~ Intro of NIKRA

Hey guys!
Wow, it has been a long week. Sadly I haven't actually done much on NIKRA, the game. But I have done a lot of planning for chapter one and the backstory.

ENDESGA now has a brand new logo! It uses a very special squircle. For this squircle is mathematically exactly in between a square and a circle.

This is the backstory, I'd love it if you'd read it all, and tell me what you think in the comments below:
~ ~ ~
"Darkness ripped through the fabric of space, tearing apart the laws of physics. It started to swallow the first galaxy known as Nikra. One soul at a time. They say the first being to get infected was a boy, living on a planet called Maldis. They say he started to melt into darkness, and on the day of his death, tendrils shredded his body from the inside out. Leaving no trace.

Just after the experiment on the boy, the darkness turned away from the galaxy, knowing that it could not achieve it's goal. There was too much matter, too much life.
It backed off, and left Nikra's universe. For it needed to find somewhere else. The darkness then entered the great void. Beyond the whole Heptiverse.
The darkness diffused into the void, like an alive wave seeking revenge.

A being stood in it's way, not a physical being, but one of intangible energy. The being grabbed the darkness by the scruff and crushed it, with only two fingers, into the most perfect known object; a sphere.
The being of light, known as Nenoux, created a pocket-rift in the space-time continuum called Evokreathe. It was the prison for the darkness.

The being threw the sphere into Evokreathe, and the sphere screamed it's last words: "Never shall you run from darkness!"
Nenoux put Evokreathe on a planet called Divean, in Nikra. And locked it using 13 keys. He then put a key in every solar system in Nikra, cursing each one to prevent the escape of the darkness.

But it was not enough.
2000 years later, after everyone had forgotten that Evokreathe even existed, the sphere shook in the infinite prison.
The planet known as Divean grew darker, and it started to slow down. Divean drifted off away from it's star and left the clutches of Nikra. Floating in pure darkness.

Just what the creature needed.

The darkness, who goes by the name of Iinenea, slowly reached out to the planets of Nikra, and started to infect them with it's own matter.
Tall stone totems called Iiem rose from the ground, and corrupted all that they touched.

Iinenea knew it was going to win.
But Nenoux knew better.

Eokra. The purest known metal in all of the Heptiverse. Touching even an atom of eokra can poison you, infecting your blood. Turning you ethereal. Into a spirit.
Nenoux crafted a child, with blood tainted with this metal.

This child will save Nikra."
~ ~ ~

Well, what do you think?

By the way, I'll be updating every Saturday (Friday in 'Murica), so make sure to check this blog then. But sometimes I might make a quick update if something cool pops up :)

Thanks guys, and remember to follow me on Twitter for other updates: MY TWITTER



  1. I take it the child imbued with the perfectly-pure-metal-of-poisonous-infection-ethereal-spirit-stuff is the main character? In that case, is he a human or a spirit? Also, can he turn other humans into spirits as well?
    'nother question, is Eokra the opposite of corruption? And, the boy mentioned in the beginning, does he have any purpose in the story at all?

    Nice story, just very mysterious...

    1. Wow, interesting reply :D very thorough.
      I don't want to spoil TOO much, but yes, the child with the eokra infused blood is the main character. And the fact that he has eokra in his blood instead of iron, does actually play a part in the story.
      Eokra also has an opposite, which is connected to the Dark Angel ;)
      Hopefully you'll love it! :D

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