24 April 2014

13-24th Apr. Update ~ LD29

Hello everyone!
Sorry for the late blog post, I've been very busy focusing on getting a few things done for NIKRA before I leave on Friday.
On Friday I'll be going off for a holiday, and coincidentally, Ludum Dare 29 is on too.

So, the only way I can compensate, is by making my LD entry 'On the Road'

Here's my LD post: CLICK

Also, from now on I'll be making a changelog of the new things in NIKRA from that week.



  • The Power of Eobirith is being worked on.
  • First boss, Moriiem, is finished.
  • Total UI redesign with a dark-wood and paper theme.
  • Boldémo 'beam in' animation changed. And will change again.
  • Sheathing (with 'R') works a bit better.

I'll see you guys next week!

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