18 May 2014

First screens, Kickstarter, and Major Progression!

Hey guys!

The images you saw in previous posts were concept screens. But this week I have been completely redoing every little thing in the NIKRA Project, and cleaned everything up, fixed code, and seriously optimised the overall game!

Here are 2 screenshots of the actual NIKRA game (excluding GUI):

Each planet has it's own colour scheme. The NIKRA engine gets these colours and assigns them to specific areas. Maldis (top) is very earth-like, with green grass, and a blue sky. Whereas Mexulta (bottom) has pink grass, with a musky atmosphere, and sulfuric clouds. These two worlds are rather basic compared to a few I have designed. So I can't wait till you see them!

In the past I had trouble figuring out what to do next in the development of NIKRA. Only now have I realised that starting from each key point is the ideal way to go. The Gate to Omwarn (bottom) for example is a VERY important part of the NIKRA lore. When playing you'll meet Ven, the Keeper of Omwarn; a being made out of burning golden energy, and is the creator of the Multiverse. Exciting, yes?

ALSO, the player now has ELBOWS and KNEES! It's looks really good, and I'm so happy the code for it is finished. I'm not fond of sine waves after that.

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What do you think of Kickstarter? Do you think NIKRA would have a better success if it was helped through Kickstarter?
I have been considering this for a while. But I've never been totally sure of it. Also, putting NIKRA on Kickstarter was an idea for the future, not now. I think NIKRA would have to be a lot more complete.

Would YOU help back NIKRA?
Thank you for your feedback :)
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First Official NIKRA Wallpaper

The Giants of NIKRA



  1. Not that Nikra looked bad before, but this is so much better

  2. *drools profusely*
    As soon as I get some spare money, I'm backing this!
    Very pixels, such game, wow!

  3. I would definitely consider buying a game like this once complete, but I don't know if I'd back it on kickstarter personally.
    No offence, but it's just that I rarely back things on kickstarter :P

    1. Fair enough :P
      Putting it on Kickstarter would just help put it on Steam

  4. Well, see, the thing is that people put their game up on Kickstarter when they need money to publish or create their idea.
    If you have no need for the money right now, then I don't see a point in putting NIKRA on Kickstarter. It would be much better to spend that time posting about the game in other places to increase your revenue as soon as the game is released