22 September 2013

22nd Sept. Update

Hey there!

It has been a few days since my last update, and I must say; I've done quite a bit :)
I have fully redone the terrain generator, and now I'm putting in the cave digging code. Textures wise; I have desaturated some textures to allow me to colourize them when I want ;D This means I don't have to have many many different types of grass when I can just have 1 that can BE different types. This desaturation technique I'll probably applying to the water, and maybe the dirt. I dunno.

Here's a couple more questions I got:

Q: What's going to be customizable ?
A: In general? Well, the player is going to be customizable ; hats, hair, facial hair, eyes, ears, the lot! Also, if you mean in-game; the GUI and inventory are customizable i n the options menu, along with zoom. I am also deciding about adding a way to make customizable blocks: chairs, tables, whatever you can draw. But this idea will probably clash with the way I have the tile system going. We'll see :)

Q: Will there be guns? Explosions? Destruction?!
A: More than likely! I personally LOVE destruction related games :D So, I'm probably going to add a few guns (and maybe a few cameo guns?). But things like that are final priorities.

Thank you for all the great feedback!

See you on the flip-side,

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