25 September 2013

25th Sept. Update

A lot of work is going into the water mechanics in NIKRA. I wanted it to be incredibly realistic but I couldn't get it to be fast enough using the grid layout I have. I tried using individual objects for each water block but I ended up scrapping that because it was WAY too slow :(
If you want to compare it: It's like minecraft and Terraria combined. The non-infinite physics like Terraria but the blocky-ness like minecraft.
To be honest, I probably shouldn't compare myself and my game with other developers and their games. Its just that I'm not too sure what to with things like water physics or inventory layouts. I'd love to have thousands of people giving me feedback and suggestions but along with suggestions comes comments and dislikes. So I'm not too sure if I want thousands of people making assumptions about me game... gah! I don't know.

Water really shouldn't be my highest priority. But it feels like I should get it over and done with so I can continue on the story :/ once again, I don't know.

Design wise, NIKRA is going well. I have finished about 6 solar systems including names and features like seas of sand and mountains of quartz. One of my personal favourites would probably be Mexulta; its a planet almost as big as Saturn with 2 rings and 3 moons. Mexulta had unbelievable earthquakes at it's early stage of development; which resulted in massive pillars of crystal and lakes of boiling oil. The player will be able to explore this amazing planet along with the history it contains.

phew! that was a lot to write!

anyway, see you guys on the flip-side,


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