13 September 2013

NIKRA Development Blog

Why Hello there!
This is going to be a Development Blog for my upcoming game: NIKRA

I might as well introduce myself; my name is Seth, and I've been programming for 7 years. I use GM: Studio and GIMP for programming and art.
I go by the name of ENDESGA Studios, ENDESGA stands for ENtertainment DESign GAmeplay; and I've had this name for 2 years.

NIKRA is a 2D sandbox game that I've been designing for about as long as ENDESGA has been around. But even before that, I wanted a space related game. NIKRA is the name of the galaxy you're in, and you get to explore the corners of each planet. But I don't want to spoil too much because it'll ruin the fun ;)

The current icon for NIKRA

How about a Q&A?

Q: How is this game going to be different from any other 2D sandbox?
A: This game, from the earth to the inventory, aims for realism; masked with retro graphics. Animations, world generation, and item use are all realistic (without becoming impossible to program).

Q: Is it going to be over-priced like every other 2D/3D sandbox?
A: As an indie game developer, I've had a lot of history with games. My life has been filled with games. So, I know how annoying it is seeing a game you've been following for years release as a pre-release for $20USD (which is about $25 for me). I aim for the Tier 1 (get the beta) pre-order price to be about $8USD, Tier 2 (Tier 1 + you get to design an item that I'll add into the game) to be about $15USD, and Tier 3 (Tier 1+2 and name in credits) to be about $18USD.

Q: When is the beta release date? When is the pre-release? When is the RELEASE DATE?!
A: Many game developers say a game will be released at a certain date, then don't release it because "they're not finished". So I'm going to say: "I'm not sure when the pre-order is." because I actually don't know. Game development takes time, it really does. But I will definitely make an announcement when the pre-order is going to be open. I promise.

Q: Who's making the game? A team of 15 people?
A: Nup. Just me :)

Hopefully you check back in a few days and check this blog out again, because I'll be updating it a few times a week. (Why not bookmark it? c; )

There will be a website up sometime early 2014 (www.endesga.com), so, I will soon be announcing pre-releases/pre-orders there.

If you want to contact me: seth@endesga.com

Thanks for stopping by!

-Seth (CEO of ENDESGA Studios)

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