14 September 2013

Q&A Saturday!

Look at the date! It's Q&A Saturday!

(please note that it's Saturday for me)

Here are a few questions I got:

Q: What platform is Nikra coming on?
A: Nikra is first going to be on PC, but later when its finished; I'll export it to Mac, Ubuntu, and Windows 8.

Q: What do you DO in Nikra?
A: This question is a tough one to answer... Nikra IS a sandbox game so, theoretically, there is no goal. BUT, I am aware of this, and I am working on a Story behind it. Literally. I'm writing a book called 'NIKRA: The First Galaxy', but if you mean main features? Well:
- List based inventory with realistic elements like max carry weight and holsters for tools (for quick access).
- 2D randomly generated worlds, with secrets to find and loot to steal.
- 8-bit retro art
- The ability to... hmm, I'm going to keep this one a secret c;
There is so much more planned, but I shouldn't say too much just in case I can't actually program it xP

Q: What does stone look like in Nikra?
A: ...stone? really? well, you asked for it:

Q: How fast does it run?
A: Well, when the player is standing still; I get 112fps MAX (pretty good yeh?), but I am going to force vsync during gameplay so, even if you COULD go up to 3000fps, it cuts it to 60fps ;)

Thank you for all your questions!

If you want a question answered, ask it in the comments section or email me at seth@endesga.com

catch you guys on the flip-side!


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