1 October 2013

1st Oct. Update


Finally, after almost a week of designing, optimising, fixing, tweaking, and programming; I can start on the story :D
Program wise: This involves working from the bottom up. Things like; the placement of the Iiem Totems, the great Boldemo at spawn, and various structures involving the protection of the Iiem Totems. I have already finished the design and placement of the Boldemo (I may have to move it up one block because sometimes it fuses into the ground), and today I'm going to work on the placement of the Iiem Totems and how they connect to the Boldemo.
I don't have much to do left on the main structure of Nikra, but the final things are quite large so, yeah.

I've been trying to update this blog as much as possible but, that's not that easy when life is busy full of exams, games, and Driver's Licence Tests :/

Catch you guys on the flip-side,

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