29 October 2013

The loot of NIKRA

In NIKRA, there are civilisations with buildings and generated houses. Occasionally there are chests (and such containers). These chests contain loot that can span from a single lump of coal, to a chest full of weaponry and gold.

I was watching a video about game development and how to motivate yourself and how to improve your game and well, I realised that the reason why I LOVE Skyrim, minecraft, Terraria, is because of the sheer amount of variety in items and loot you can get (Terraria probably takes it to the next level with surreal items). I felt as if this would be a perfect thing to do in NIKRA, but improve the idea to its maximum potential.

NIKRA contains chests and such containers that can be just a box, a chest, a locked chest, a safe, a container, or even a welded shut metal chest (there are much more). These containers' loot depends on the type of container it is. An average chest could just have clothes, whereas a locked chest could have coinage or jewels.

The whole idea of "the best way loot could ever be put in a game" is still a work in progress and could probably delay my estimated Alpha release date :/ but no matter! It will be done :)

Anyways, see you guys on the flip-side,


  1. We need screenshots pls \o/
    I love this game's art, maybe even more so then terraria's.

    1. Many more screenshots are coming ;D
      And thank you! I spend a long time perfecting the colours and design u_u
      Keep in touch :) and check back soon.