13 November 2013

Crafting on a planet in NIKRA

Hey guys!
I decided to give you another album to show you how I have crafting sorted. At the moment, its a bit rusty, and needs a bit more attention. But eventually it will be like nothing you ever used before ;)

Crafting in NIKRA involves many variables that need to be carried out. This can mean temperature of your position, the tool, the object your crafting on, the order you craft, and sometimes even the position you use one item on another!
This will give the players more of a variety when it comes to crafting, and it means they need to find and practice the perfect way to craft. This can mean building a whole forge so making ANYTHING is a breeze.

Here are some IN-DEVELOPMENT photos :)

Today I'm going to show you how to craft flint from a flint deposit.

First up, you may notice the inventory is in the middle! I moved it to the middle to focus your view on it a bit more.

Right, lets open the 'Materials' section...

*I tried to capture the beautiful animation it has*

This is some stuff I found in the chest next to me. *notice the 3 flint*

First I get a rock, and put it into the Crafting space. I do this by right-clicking the item.

I also dropped in some Flint Ore I found lying around on the ground. It came from the Misc. section.

If I try to pick up the Flint Ore and put it on the Rock, the Rock glows red telling me it won't do anything!

But, if I put the Rock on the flint ore, the flint ore glows green! It means it will do something!

Oh wow! Flint! (pretend I smashed the ore with the rock ;D ) In the future, a menu will pop up asking what you want to do with the Rock; Use, Rub, Forge, Connect

You can right click on the item to put it back in your inventory!

And there you go! Some more flint!

I hope you liked the demonstration!
See you soon!
-ENDESGA Studios


  1. Whoa, that's pretty awesome! So does that mean anything that's hard enough can be used like a hammer on the flint ore to make flint?

  2. Yeah, exactly ;D
    This means the player can craft the same item in numerous different ways :)

  3. Looking good can not wait to play it.

    1. Thanks!
      If you want to help development, please donate :)