23 November 2013

Throwback Time!

It's the 20th of April, 2012. At that time I was known as TM13, I made goomods for World of Goo and had many many design ideas.
That day I decided to enter in a competition called "Ludum Dare", apparently you had to make a finished game in 48 hours, how hard could that be?

The theme was "Tiny World", and I made a game called "Galactic Planet Protectors"



I look at this now, and I think "Wow this is really crappy". Back then it was the peak of all my acheiements. I never knew I would get to the stage of having hundreds of people looking at NIKRA, or any game of mine.

If you want to play 3 other games I made, click the link below:

Until next time,
-ENDESGA Studios

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