6 December 2013

6th Dec. Update

This week has been really busy! I've added many new features and items/blocks, as well as more preparations for the main story.

Every single item and block sprite have been touched up to look more polished, and another species is currently in design! There's going to be 10 species, 8 of which you have at the start, one unlocks when you beat the game, and another unlocks when you use the Boldemo more than 100 times!

Time for a teaser picture:

NIKRA is moving closer and closer towards completion. Thank you everyone who haven't stopped giving me positive feedback :) You are all splendifferous!

Until next time,
-ENDESGA Studios


  1. The game look good but can you give him knees?

    1. Can I give him knees? Yes. Will I give him knees? Maybe ;)
      The way I have it, it would be difficult to give the player knees. The player uses separate images and rotates them (a bit like Scribblenauts)
      I'll see what I can do :)