29 November 2013

Update, Logo, and NEW Menus!

Hey guys! Happy holidays!

NIKRA's logo was in need of an upgrade, so I sat down, drafted some ideas and after almost 2 hours, I finalized a new logo!
What do you think?

I've also made it possible to COMPLETELY design (within the game code) any type of planet. Here's a photo of Quornem, the player is also holding the 'Godblade'. I've redesigned all 13 blades of NIKRA :)

The main menu has also had a makeover. Some people asked if the planet in the background was called Nikra, so instead of explaining that it was a planet IN Nikra, I just redesigned the main menu.(But don't worry, the planet will be back somewhere in the main menu)

A few other things have happened. We just reached 3000+ views on this blog! We're also at 160+ likes on Facebook, and 10 favourites on Steam!

Game Development wise, I've finished adding in iiem totems into the terrain generator! And right now I'm making preperations for the first few 'bits' of the story :)


   -  Heck yeah! I want it NOW!
    32 (57%) 
   -  Yes, it looks pretty cool!
  17 (30%)
   -  I don't know...
  4 (7%)
   -  Maybe not. Its not my kinda thing.   
  3 (5%)

Thank you everyone who voted :) and I hope you love NIKRA when it's finished!

Until next time,
-ENDESGA Studios


  1. Seeing as the totems appear in the title of the game, how important are they? Can you destroy/use them in some way?

    1. They are THE MOST important thing in the game :)
      I can't tell you much without spoiling anything, so, I'll just say that you have to destroy them ;)

  2. Interesting eheheheh...

    Also, shoot, that's a mighty nice support flyer Gyro made for you, hope it helps you along!

    1. Yeah, it was very kind of them to do that xD
      So, how do you know Gyro? Do you follow her on dA or something?

  3. Nope, I happened to see her DA page while browsing, I probably clicked on her picture from your profile or something.

    1. Oh okay :)
      Btw, how often do you think I should update this blog? How often do you check it?

  4. I check it probably twice/thrice a day, but the second time and third time is out of boredom. So yeah, I check everyday.