5 January 2014

5th Jan. Update ~ 2014!

2013, wow, what a year! I cannot believe it's 2014 already :D

As you may have read, NIKRA has had some serious changes regarding the sandbox aspects. I've had a few complaints, but mostly everyone understands.
The past week has been busy. I've been designing, drawing, and coding almost non-stop O-O I probably need a break! But, so much has been done in the way of world preperations and design.
In that week I have (almost) completed 5 'rooms' that the player will explore.

I want to show you guys the VERY FIRST screenshot of NIKRA, way back in June 2013:

As you can see, there's not much happening. It had crappy textures, no background and rushed terrain generation.

After almost 8 months of coding, drawing, and designing; I'm pleased to show you guys the VERY FIRST photo of the new NIKRA:

With the new engine in place and a new tile rendering engine, I am able to personally craft anything from bridges to Spacescrapers.

Every Saturday I'll post a photo on my Twitter of a scene or place you can go, or even just a random image of the game xD

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Thank you everyone! I hope you guys like the finished product!

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