7 January 2014

Ludum Dare & the Aesthetic Effects of NIKRA

Phew! The past 3 weeks have been really fun! I rated a hundred or so games and got so much positive feedback for COR.

Here are the results for COR:

I cannot believe I came 52nd! (out of 1284)

~ ~ ~

I uploaded another video of NIKRA showing you the 'alive world' it has.
The reason why I'm spending a little bit of time adding in aesthetic effects, is because sometimes when I'm playing an RPG or just a general platform game, I feel as if the world isn't 'alive' and nothing is moving. Or at least, not enough is moving.

You can watch the video HERE

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This blog also reached 5000+ views!

Thanks everyone, I'll see you in the next one!


  1. Woah nice, I came 77th. Good on you!
    The grass looks too wazy maybe?

  2. Yeah, it does a bit. In the latest video I posted I fixed a few things but, I still need to make the grass sway a tad slower xD