8 June 2014

NIKRA: The First Galaxy

"Blades were made, but they're not to sheathe. For they are the keys, to Evokreathe"

~   -~-   ~

~ The Story of NIKRA ~

Nenoux, the father of the Great Void, had four sons: Nea, Lar, Dox, and Kiv. Nea was the god of matter, creating everything you see. Lar was the god of force, bringing balance and order to all. Dox was the god of dimensions, giving all things depth. And Kiv was the god of energy, connecting spirits and beings.

The children of Nenoux worked together and created 7 pockets of three dimensional space. The Heptaverse.
Lar, Dox, and Kiv were all assigned to bring order to the universes. By filling the pockets with stars, and clouds. Whereas Nea, the youngest, was told to create a place for tangible beings to roam.

Nea closed his eyes, and clenched his fists. He then concentrated his strength on a single point, and created the Aenox; the core and soul of the 1st Universe, shaped like a cube. Stars and clouds started to gravitate towards the Aenox, and celestial bodies clustered. Stars collided, and planets were born. This was the beginning of the first galaxy, Nikra.

Beyond the Great Void was a place known as Omwarn. This place was the home of Ven, the Keeper. And The Council, an organisation of souls who judge the fate of banished spirits.
Ven noticed something in the distance. A peculiar darkness, emptier than anything he has seen. He tells Nenoux.

Nenoux turns around, facing the dark beast.
"What are you, darkness?"
The creature grins, and walks up to Nenoux.
It opens it's mouth, and says one word.
Nenoux's eyes widen. And rage builds in the god, he should have seen this day coming. Nenoux grabs the darkness, and crushes it with one hand. He throws the creature into a cell, called Evokreathe, beyond the Great Void where the Neversun burns. He connects Evokreathe to a planet in Nikra, Iiem. And locks the gate with 7 keys, shaped like swords. Nenoux spreads the keys around Nikra, cursing them; only being able to be touched by a child of Eobirith.

Iinenea knew it's time would come.

~  -~-  ~

Hundreds of years pass, and Iinenea slowly infects planets. Totems of stone rise from the ground, preventing access to the Boldemo Cube, a large black box that is used to travel from planet to planet in Nikra.

You play as the saviour of Nikra.
Find the 7 Blades, and banish the Darkness.

~ Screenshots of current progress ~


Buy and sell items.

There are many planets to explore, secrets to find, and quests to complete.

See you guys next week!


  1. Hi! I just wanted to say that I've been following your blog for a while on Nikra and I think what you're making is really cool! I'm really inspired and impressed by how motivated you are to continue working on Nikra - I'd really like to do something similar (make a large scale game), but I really don't seem to have the motivation. Anyway, awesome job, looking forward to reading more :)

    1. Thanks man :D
      In the past I've had numerous projects. I either lost motivation, or got bored of it.
      But NIKRA has something special about it that I don't stop loving :) So find it in one of your ideas, and pursue it!


  2. The game actually looks a lot better with the new graphics!

    However... The story doesn't seem to make sense. The main character is going to kind the 7 keys then unleash the darkness, only to banish it again? What?

    1. I was a little weary of how much I wanted to spoil.
      To clear it up, you have to go INTO Evokreathe to banish him. He's locked in Evokreathe, as a prisoner. But you have to banish him from everything.
      Hopefully that makes a little more sense :)

    2. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Though wouldn't banish from anything just be the same as slaying it?
      *Is very nitpicky*

    3. Okay well, in a sense, it's not really banishing it. It's more like arresting it. The Council of Omwarn determine Iinenea's fate lawfully. But (to kinda spoil it), the player DOES have a choice to either kill Iinenea, or 'banish' it. Each with their own outcomes. Iinenea and Nenoux are like YinYang, so everything would go out of balance if Iinenea was to be killed. That's why he was sent to Evokreathe. That's why Nenoux didn't kill him.
      It's all rather complicated, and I should probably simplify it a little bit ;P