22 June 2014

The Planets of NIKRA

June 22nd Update
-   -   -   -   -   -   -

Hey guys, the past two weeks have been really busy! So much work has been done on NIKRA. The amount of progress I have made is brilliant, I would say NIKRA is about 25% done now!

The Boldemo cube is a big black cube that is used to teleport beings to different planets within NIKRA. Over the weeks I have been working on the UI and interactions with the player and the cube.

Have a look:

In NIKRA, there are currently 10 planned planets.
I have been working on 5:
- Maldis (90%)
- Irnem (15%)
- Quornem (15%)
- Mexulta (70%)
- Arthek (20%)




Each planet has it's own style and configuration. Hopefully you'll love them! I've spent a long time designing everything you see here :)

Well, that's about all folks, I'll see you next week!



  1. Pretty sure your perspective on Arthek is a bit off. You need to use a vanishing point, so the buildings are currently drawn the wrong way, unless they're supposed to be tilted. (In which case, I can't tell.)

    Now, after that criticism: WOW THIS LOOKS AWESOME. I really love the art style you've got going here, and it looks like the animation is pretty great too. (You should put animated GIFs here, that'd be amazing looking).

  2. All the planets are looking great Seth!
    And yeah, as Porlge said, Arthek's two black towers have a weird perspective.
    I think I like Irnem the best.