24 November 2013

Q&A Saturday!

Why HELLO! Seth here :)
Haven't done one of these in a while. Hopefully I answer some questions that you have in mind. The questions below are pretty much FAQ.

Q: Will NIKRA have multiplayer?
A: I've been asked this SO many times. And as honest as I can put it: I really don't know. I never really intended for NIKRA to have multiplayer, and also, I'm not too great at web-related programming. It's just one of those things you would have to put in at the START of the game development. I'm atleast 20-30% finished! and adding something like multiplayer would screw up everything.
Now, that doesn't mean there WON'T be multiplayer. I have mentioned a few times to people that I may add LAN Co-op, but even then, that's rather difficult. I guess it's just one of those topics I'll sort out after NIKRA is finished :)

Q: Is ENDESGA Studios making any other game?
A: At the moment, no, we're not. I do have some ideas that could become games but, I don't have any intention to make another game until NIKRA is finished.

Q: How do you pronounce NIKRA?
A: In the game (and story), "nikra" is the Ancientian word for "first". The Ancientian Beings cannot say 'i' (as in nickel), but instead pronounce 'i' like "eye". Therefore "nikra" is pronounced 'n-eye-kr-ah'. There are a few other words that follow certain rules, for example "Boldemo" is pronounced 'boll-deh-m-oh', and Iinenea is pronounced 'ee-nee-nee-ah'. But, to be honest, I don't really mind if people pronounce them incorrectly :)

Q: At the moment, NIKRA looks like Terraria. What's going to make it stand out?
A: Well, I personally think it's unfair to compare an unfinished game to a well-known finished game, like Terraria. NIKRA is FAR from finished. The controls, UI, inventory, and the overall gameplay is VERY different to Terraria already, and I guess it's hard for people to realise this since they can't play it yet. I think (and hope) people will see it as a different game compared to Terraria/Starbound. Also, NIKRA has a massive story which I've been writing. This story will be part of the game, but at the moment, people are just seeing the block-based terrain engine and instantly compare it to Terraria.

Q: What was something that initially got your interested in making games?
A: I can't think of a time when I didn't want to make games, I've always been interested in how games were made. When I was quite young, my father let me use his ZX Spectrum, and that was when I started programming. Over the years I played more and more games, and started learning different languages. I practiced Java, C, Basic, Python, GML, and C++. My favourite type of games are games like Pokemon, Skyrim, and Minecraft. And I guess NIKRA is like my dream game :) because it's like a Sci-Fi combination of them all. And I hope you guys will like it too :)

Hopefully that answers some questions of yours, if you have another question, either comment below, or email it to contact@endesga.com
Thank you!

Until next time,
-ENDESGA Studios

Iiem totems are now in the terrain generator!


  1. What was something that initially got your interested in making games?